Zarna Garg & Truffle Lasagna | Episode 31

Today’s podcast hosts Ryan Reiss and Mehran Khaghani welcome comedian, producer, writer and viral internet hit sensation Zarna Garg! You may recognize her from her videos that have racked up millions upon millions of views. She’s real awesome. Chef Raph brings in a unique and fully-loaded lasagna for the crew to enjoy. Let’s cheat!

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Chris Roach & Nashville Hot Chicken Flatbread | Episode 30 (Audio Only)

Today’s podcast hosts Ryan Reiss, Mehran Khaghani and Tere Bernace welcome comedian and actor, the great Chris Roach! Chef Raph serves up Nashville Hot Chicken Flatbread, and it’s real niiiice. Chris shares some tales of his earlier days managing adult entertainment stores, being let go from the NYPD, getting into stand-up comedy & acting in sitcoms, and a whole bunch more. This episode is audio only. We’ll be back with a video episode soon. Let’s cheat!

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Gianmarco Soresi & The Noodle Feast | Episode 29

Today’s podcast host Ryan Reiss sits down with comedian and actor Gianmarco Soresi! John Vogel sits in for a bit, while Chef Raph brings out a supreme noodle dish that truly delights Soresi. Talk goes down about theatre and acting vs stand-up, some history on a few road and NYC comedy clubs, and a whole lot more. Let’s cheat!

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