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Roy Wood Jr. & Dry-Aged Porterhouse | Episode 34

Today’s podcast hosts Ryan Reiss and Jeremy Schaftel welcome comedian, and Daily Show correspondent / host, the great Roy Wood Jr.! Roy is super insightful and knowledgeable on a variety of topics, and the crew gets into some real good stuff this episode – hosting The Daily Show, making tv shows, doing standup for over 2 decades, auditioning, working with other celebrities like Whoopie Goldberg, Trevor Noah, Tommy Davidson and more! Chef Raph comes out and joins the boys with an awesome steak that’s one of the best yet. Okay, let’s cheat! And don’t forget to catch Roy hosting The Daily Show this week!

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Hannah Berner & Quesadillas | Episode 33 (Audio Only)

Today’s podcast hosts Ryan Reiss, Tere Bernace and Kitty Reynolds welcome, for her second time on the podcast, the great Hannah Berner! Chef Brian Tsao brings out some amazing spice chicken quesadillas for the crew to enjoy. Talk about Hannah’s tennis glory days, food as fuel, and reality tv goes down, amongst other topics of course. It’s a real fun one. Okay, let’s cheat!

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Leia Gaccione, Chicken Lollipops & Crispy Rice | Episode 32 (Audio Only)

Today’s podcast hosts Ryan Reiss, Mehran Khaghani and Kitty Reynolds welcome the very amazing chef Leia Gaccione! She’s been a chef on all those show you love, Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, Top Chef, Iron Chef and on and on!

Also celebrating a podcast first, Leia is the first guest who is both the guest and the chef! You may remember her as the chef from Episode 12 where she cooked up a feast for the guest of that episode, comedian Ben Bailey. In this episode however, she’s brought her incredible skills to the Comedy Cellar to share some of her signature dishes from her restaurant South + Pine in Morristown, NJ. It’s an absolute must visit if you’re in the neighborhood. Okay, let’s cheat!

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